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三酸化アンチモン (Sb2O3)  医薬用外劇物



MSA(標準グレード) MSA (Standard Grade)


This standard grade has an average particle size of 1μ(relatively fine), with a narrow grain size distribution, and this can be used for any application.

MSF(微粒子グレード) MSF (Fine Grade)


This grade has a finer average particle size of 0.5μ, and features greater covering power and less settling when dispersed. It is ideal as a flame retar dant in fibers, paints, etc

MSE(封止材グレード) MSE (Erectrical use Grade)
イオン性不純物が少なく粗大粒子も少ない製品で、電子材料用の難燃に最適です。 This grade has fewer ionic impurities and fewer coarse particles, and is ideal as a flame retardant for electronic materials.
MSH(触媒・高純度グレード) MSH (Catalyst Grade)
標準品より純度が高く不純物が少なく、塩酸、エチレングリコールなどの溶剤に極めて溶解性がよい。ポリエステルの重合触媒や蛍光体用に最適です。 This grade has higher purity than the standard grade, with fewer impurities, and has extremely good solubility in solvents like hydrochoric acid and ethylene glycol. MSH is ideal for fluorescent materials, and as a polymaerization catalyst for polyester.
MSL(粗粒子グレード) MSL (Coarse Grade)
平均粒径が2~7μmと大きく、透明性が要求される用途や顔料の色を生かした製品づくりなどに最適です。 This grade is ideal for applications repuiring transparency, and creating products which use pigment colors.
MSW(汎用グレード) MSW (General Purpose Grade)
汎用グレードであり、どの用途にも使用可能なグレードです。 This grade can be used for any application.

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